Kickin’ Alice

Kickin’ Alice are a lively, entertaining group of Appalachian step dancers who perform with their band Kickophony. We provide a dynamic visual and sonic performance incorporating the percussive 'root' styles from the UK and Europe as well as the more modern American clogging styles. Kickophony play upbeat Old Time, Bluegrass and Folk music, and also perform at concerts without the dancers. With performers from Staffordshire, Shropshire, Herefordshire and the West Midlands, Kickin' Alice perform all over the UK at a variety of venues, from dance, music and street festivals, to fetes, weddings and parties.

Technical Specifications

Kickin’ Alice can provide all their own equipment, the only thing that an event organiser needs to provide is level ground and a power supply or generator for the PA. We can perform indoors or outdoors, on grass, paving or solid floor, as long as the ground is reasonably level. We can dance up to four sets of around 20 minutes each in a day.


Dance Floor

Size: 12ft square (3.7m) Set-up time: 30 - 45 minutes Access: The boards are transported in a trailer, so we need to get vehicle access as close as possible to the site. We also have some smaller portable individual dance boards that we can bring for more informal pub sessions, or to add a small number of dances as part of a Kickophony concert.

Band Equipment

Gazebo: 6m x 3m We provide our own PA which requires a power source or generator. Instruments: 2 fiddles, banjo, mandolin, guitar, double bass, voice. If sound equipment is provided we require 1 vocal microphone and 2 instrument microphones and 3 Direct Inputs.


We can offer a variety of options for workshops; from 5 minutes at the end of our set when we invite people (usually children) to dance with us on the boards and teach a few basic steps, to a 1-2 hour workshop teaching a whole dance at beginner or intermediate level for children or adults. We have experienced workshop leaders in our team who are DBS checked. If you would be interested in a workshop as part of your event we are happy to discuss what would work best for you.


Our Fee

Our standard fee is £300 per day for events within the West Midlands and £400 for events outside the West Midlands. This fee can be negotiable for local and charity events and we are also open to opportunities to busk, collecting donations from the public. All fees are used to cover the travel expenses of the performers and maintenance costs of our equipment.